Courses / Specialist – Deer in a Day - From £130.00 per head

Join us for a day of deer butchery in the woods at HUNTER GATHER COOK HQ. You will learn the art of seam butchery on either Fallow or Roe Deer.

This is a very in depth, hands on experience which will not only teach you how to make the most out of an entire carcass, but also help fill your freezer for months to come!

Once the deer have been jointed, we will then take you through all the different cuts and show you how to cook up a variety of different dishes.


From turning pencil fillets into mouthwatering Venison Carpaccio with a wild garnish, flash fried neck fillet with Chimichurri to making Smoked Biltong, mincing off cuts and making Sausages. Finally, and to top it all off: how to debone and prepare a haunch before roasting it in an underground oven.

deer in a day

Highlights include

  • Skinning
  • Field butchery
  • Seam Butchery into basic cuts
  • 2 course lunch with wine pairings
  • Cooking & flavour pairings
  • Smoking & curing.
  • Meat sweats (most likely)

Places for this course

There are a limited number of just 12 places for this course.


Saturday 18th March
Saturday 22nd April
Saturday 2nd September