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Hunter Gather Cook: Adventures in wild food.

The original concept of HGC was based on four principles: Hunting, Foraging, Fire and Cookery the school was founded on these four pillars that got us where we are today. In order to truly understand what it is like to be a 21st century hunter-gatherer and to get closer to the wild ingredients we use, founder and director Nick Weston spent 6 months living in a Treehouse he built from recycled and natural materials and lived in it and off the land back in 2009. The Treehouse Diaries: How to live wild in the woods was published by Collins & Brown in 2010 and documents his experience.

Since Hunter Gather Cook opened its doors in 2011, we have focused on using wild food, game and cooking with fire with the aim of educating people about the virtues of these amazing, versatile wild ingredients through the experiential courses we offer. Hunter Gather Cook: Adventures in wild food is the compendium of 8 years of working in the woods and experimenting with a huge amount of wild plants, fur, feather and fire.

From how to make a fire from scratch, fire cookery techniques, game butchery, wild plant and mushroom identification and wild cocktails to a heavy load of traditional and not so traditional recipes involoving the raw, the cured and the cooked. This book will give you all the tools to become the ultimate 21st century hunter gatherer with stunning photography from the legendary food photographer David Loftus. At HGC we have educated thousands of people over the years and fed them too, be it on courses, demos, workshops and at festivals. If you need a bit of wild in your life, then this is the book for you.

“To really appreciate great food, you need to love wild food. This book will show you how.” Niklas Ekstedt

“If there’s a better way to eat, then this is it. Nick’s unshakable ethos is inspirational.” Gill Meller

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