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Every summer Hunter Gather Cook packs up the Landy and hits the road to head to some of the UK’s best loved festivals based in and around the UK.  Hunter Gather Cook hold wild food banquets, Deer butchery & foraging workshops, as well as food demos and talks. So far HGC will be at the following festivals this 2017:



Innocent Unplugged : 

Food in the forest :  Hunter Gather Cook headlined the forest banquets with Lamb Asadors being the main centrepiece all cooked over live fire, accompanied by wild cocktails & canapes on both the Saturday and Sunday evenings.

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deer in a day

wilderness logo

Wilderness Festival : 

Once again Hunter Gather Cook are heading back for our 8th Year at our favourite festival! Based out in the woods, we will be teaching festival goers how to butcher, gather and cook the finest wild, local and fresh ingredients available at Wilderness. Running three sessions each day on friday, saturday and sunday, Workshops include, deer butchery, foraging and crayfish trapping followed by a wild cocktail and canape reception at our woodland kitchen. Almost everything will be processed and gathered on the day from the woods, fields and meadows of Cornbury park.

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meatopia logo


There is nothing that can prepare you for the sheer awesomeness that is Meatopia- for the commited carnivore, this place is heaven! Following our Deer Butchery demo on the cutting room stage back in 2014,  2016 gave us the honour of bringing Venison to the good people of London! We will be butchered 6 deer throughout the day and served up 2 different taster dishes all cooked over live fire. Our fire masters completed fire workshop sessions for kids plus we were back on the cutting room stage talking all things deer.

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