Courses / HGC x Cornbury Park Hunting Camps - From £1,500 per head

Join us for our most in depth, high end deer stalking course we have ever offered- if you want to really experience field to fork then this it. Our Hunting camps at Cornbury Park are designed to take you through the entire process of learning about deer to shooting one yourself and learning how to gralloch, skin and butcher the deer and take it home for tea. This course takes place at one of the UK’s oldest deer parks based in Oxford, under the expert guidance of deer manager Tom Marshall and the HGC Team.

The Hunting camp runs for Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and has a limited number of only 4 places for the experience. Whilst the entire course takes place in a safari style setup in the woods of this wonderful estate, your accommodation will be B&B at the Bell inn at Langford a short distance from Cornbury park for 2 nights . The hunting camps take place during Fallow season and you will be shooting Fallow prickets (male Fallow aged 18-24 months) which is the start of the annual Cull in the park.

The Course will begin with a 3 course fire based dinner at our hunting camp on the Friday and an introduction to the weekend and a welcome pack of goodies including an HGC Cookbook, Yeti mug, Botanist Gin Pack, Maldon salt and Mora Knife and Whittle & Flame charcoal which will set you up for future deer stalking/cooking endeavours. You will then return to your fine accommodation at the Bell inn for a good nights rest before returning to the camp the next day.

Please note: We have a limited number of just 4 places for this course-email for the full itinerary 

cost includes all food and drink at the hunting camp, 2 nights B&B at the Bell Inn in Langford, Deer stalking and taking the deer carcass, once butchered and boxed by your own fair hands, home with you.

The Course runs from 6pm on Friday to 3pm on Sunday.

Dates: TBC – please email for enquiries

Cost: £1,500 per head.



First off will be an introduction to deer, deer stalking and deer management, before moving onto the range to become familiar with rifles, targets and shot placement, this will then be followed up by a simulated stalk in the woods using reactive targets to ensure you are in a comfortable place handling a rifle, how to use it safely and prepare you for your afternoon stalk before heading back for lunch at the Hunting camp.

After lunch, you will be individually heading into the park with the deer manager Tom to shoot a Fallow deer and putting in to place all the skills you have learnt during the morning. You will then be escorted back to the game larder to learn how to gralloch your deer and hang in it in the larder for butchery the following day. During cycling you all through your afternoon stalks there will be other activities such as foraging, rifle practice and fire workshops with the HGC Team.

Once you have all been through the process of shooting a deer we will return to camp for wild cocktails and canapes and have a short session to discuss and reflect on the process which you have been through during the day and to talk about it- taking an animals life is not something to be taken lightly and it has to be conducted with the utmost respect for the quarry and to honour that with making the most of the animal that has been dispatched.


That evening, the HGC team will put together a sumptuous feast of Cornbury park Surf ‘n Turf, Muntjac & Fallow deer and a trip to one of the lakes where you will haul out kilos of the invasive American Signal Crayfish and dine on a feast of the finest wild foods the estate has to offer combined with foraged ingredients and paired wines before heading back to The Bell inn.

The next morning after breakfast, you will arrive back at the hunting camp to a fully equipped Wild Bloody Mary station before heading to the game larder to skin, butcher and process your deer under the expert guidance of the HGC team, where you will learn how to use the entire animal as well as how to use different cuts in the kitchen which will then be vacuum packed and boxed up on ice for you to take home that afternoon. We will once again return to the hunting camp for a light lunch and a tutorial on hide tanning before finishing up at 3pm.