Nick Weston

Nick was born and raised on Ashdown Forest in Sussex and from an early age spent most of his time grubbing about in the woods, wild camping, fishing and shooting. Influenced largely by early morning viewings of Les Hiddens AKA. Bush tucker man, Nick gradually got into wild food with the help of his mother and her willingness to teach him how to cook the rabbits, pheasants and trout that found their way into the kitchen.

At 18, he spent 6 months travelling with a surfboard and fishing rod though southern Africa and the South Pacific learning as many local traditions for hunting and cooking as he could. Nick went on to study Archaeology at Newcastle University, where he specialised in Hunter-gatherer studies and the Mesolithic.

In 2008, Nick was selected for the position of Survival Expert for the Channel 4 Series ‘Shipwrecked’ and spent 3 months living in the Cook islands teaching fellow islanders everything from making fire from scratch to building shelters and hunting & gathering for food.

On return to the UK, Nick built a tree house in a quiet Sussex wood from recycled and natural materials and then lived in it and off the fat of the land for the following 6 months completely off-grid. Hunting, fishing and foraging along with a few basic staples and small vegetable patch provided him with a rich, varied diet and self-sufficient lifestyle which would go on to form the ethos of Hunter Gather Cook. A book about his experience ‘The Tree House Diaries: How to live wild in the woods.’ was published by Anova in 2010.

Since then Nick now writes for a variety of newspapers and magazines about all things wild, from food to treehouses: Reader’s digest, The Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Independent, Living woods Magazine, Outdoor adventure guide and Backwoods magazine in the USA.

Hunter Gather Cook was established in March 2011 with the construction of the HQ. Nick’s vision was to create a ‘Hunter-Gatherer’ school that blended a mixture of foraging, animal butchery, cooking and bushcraft with an emphasis in living comfortably in the great outdoors and creating high-end dishes using wild produce.

Nick is also sponsored by Element, the biggest skatebrand in the world, and is involved with their advocate program teaching wilderness skills on skatecamps across Europe and consulting on all things wild. Element also sponsor HGC ensuring we always have the best-dressed instructors!